Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4th: End of day

It has been a long day for me. It started early 5:30AM, that's my usual time to begin a day.

These trees are the Purple Ash trees in front of the barn.
Fall is certainly in the air. The trees are changing colors and the leaves are falling to the ground. There was sunshine today and crisp air, a wonderful beautiful Fall day.

There were last minute things I needed to finish before my Workshop tomorrow, which included; finish baking, cleaning and tidying up my home. I still have a few things to complete in the early morning tomorrow. I have always been a "morning" person. I love to be up before the sun, in the quite stillness of the early morning, right before dawn. Seeing the sunrise is a beautiful way for me to start my day.

Tonight we lit the first fire in the wood stove. Yes it is getting pretty chilly in the evenings.
I love a nice stack of firewood. This year we cut wood from the mountains. There were lots of fallen dead trees in our mountains. It benefits not only ourselves, but the forest too, by keeping it clean to allow for new growth.

I'm tired tonight, my hands are aching. I'm headed to bed.
See you again tomorrow.
Good Night
The Girasole Lady

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