Sunday, June 23, 2013

This & That

We have a 30% chance of rain here and there for the next few days, so I went out to the garden this morning and scattered some seeds of Marigolds, Carrots and Radishes, in the raised garden beds. 
I'm settling into the comfort zone of having a smaller garden and less work. 
On the average day I spend 15-30 minutes pulling a few weeds, mulching up the soil, and adjusting the sprinkler heads. I have a timer on the faucet, sorta like a kitchen timer, that I turn to whatever amount of time the plants need watering, and then it shuts off automatically. 
I'm coming to terms in regards to my limitations as to what I can, and cannot, accomplish. 

Our local farmer's Market, and surrounding road side fields, have been filled to the brim with all sorts of local berries. 

A Summertime favorite here at Girasole Farm is Blackberry pie...

Fresh berries...

Homemade pie crust...

YUMMY pie! 

I made some yummy Blueberry muffins too--- (sorry no pictures) 

and while I was in the baking mode, I made some homemade pizza too...
I'm not really sure what happened, but I started to take pictures of the pizza process, but apparently only got as far as the recipe. hmmmm  

My nephew, my sisters boy, graduated from High School this year, so we headed to the Bay Area last weekend for a graduation party!    

Whaoo---- I took 2, as in  t.w.o., pictures-

(my sister was obsessed with the bubble machine)

and Miss Mia swinging in her night clothes, with crazy morning hair.

Way to go...NOT... 
I just couldn't find the picture inspiration, which I now regret. boo-hoo
But I can say we all had a great time, and the memories will just have to stay in my heart. 

I've been sewing, and spending lots of time outside. 
The weather has been just lovely. 

Caveman and I are still working on the back porch addition. 
Last night we finished the plumbing for the water, and the line for the electrical. 
It's been a slower process than I would have liked, but Caveman has been working 73.5 hours a week. 
That's right!
 6am-6pm Mon-Fri, and 6-2:30 on Saturdays and Sundays. 
And yes, he is TIRED, really tired. 
(we're not as young as we used to be)
I hope this afternoon/evening we are able to level the gravel and set the re-bar.
That should just about finish up our part.
We have hired someone to do the concrete pour and finishing. 
As far as the roof to cover the addition, it will probably have to wait until our slower time in the Fall.

Speaking of the Fall... we will be Grandparents again! 
due to arrive in November.
We get very excited about every baby that gets to join our family. 
That will make 4 Gran-babies....
we already have 3 gran-baby girls...maybe a ... boy?
Tonya will find out next month. 

Be good to yourself.
Even if that means accepting your own limitations. 
I know, for me, that I cannot DO IT ALL. 

The Girasole Lady


  1. Good Afternoon Becka, Firstly I am so sorry I missed your post about raised beds, I haven't a clue how that happened. I know you are used to gardening in a large plot, but I think as you are so busy you will enjoy gardening in the raised beds as they will be a little easier for you and you will still be able to enjoy the produce from your hard work. I planted radishes as George loves them, and they are amazing they grow so very quickly. We have had non-stop rain today so the garden is looking very lush.
    Lucky you, blackberries in June, ours do not appear on the hedgerows until late September/October, that is when we visit the countryside to pick them..... and yes, just like you, blackberry pie will be on the menu.
    Miss Mia looks adorable, even with her gorgeous morning hair, she is so lovely.
    How fabulous, another grandchild for you.... an exciting time.
    Take care and best wishes to you my friend,

  2. congratulations on Gran-baby #4!! Raised bed gardening is fun! I have a few raised beds - you might want to take a peek at straw bale gardening too, I'm trying it out this year and I'm impressed so far. I learned about it here if you are curious. Easiest raised beds ever! Take care for now and enjoy the nice weather

  3. Congrats on the soon to be grandbaby! I just bought a swing like that for my grandson. That pie looks amazing! I just love berry season. Bummer on those log hours for you hubby. Mina has been doing the same. Have a great Monday!

  4. I had to catch up on your blog too. Our lives have been so busy these last few weeks. Can't wait for a relaxing regular old Saturday tomorrow. :)

  5. Congratulations on the news of a new baby coming into your world. Wonderful! I must confess, I've never made a berry pie of any sort. Colson, however, makes an incredible peach cobbler! Our farmers markets too, are overflowing with blackberries, blueberries... Maybe I'll try my hand at making one... it looks too good not to attempt.