Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Better, yes better. 
The post Holiday fog is passing,
I've baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.
I've tended to my home.
I've been myself, once again. 
Thank you for your encouragement. 

Do you love dishes?
I do. 
I love a pretty table setting. 
It's welcoming and peaceful. 

When we have Summer dinners outside, often I use my 'real' dishes.
The sound of dishes chiming together outside 
on a Summer evening is enchanting. 

A few years ago I found a set of dishes I adore. 

 There is inspiration for the pattern...

I found this excellent book review online:
'Far away in the remote, untraveled southwestern French countryside, there is a small village which contains two homes, an eleventh-century church, and a very special farm known as Pistoulet." Thus begins The Secrets of Pistoulet, a charming and beautiful little book filled with food, magic, and love. Part fiction, part cookbook,  this tale of Mademoiselle J., who arrives at Pistoulet with a broken heart. There she is welcomed by the farm's tenants: Madame Claude; Monsieur Andre; the black dog, Marcel; and a chicken that lays golden eggs. Soon, such soul-strengthening dishes as Potage of Babble (guaranteed to cease excessive chatter), Potage of Passion (Cooks beware: this soup has been known to result in marriage proposals!), and Tart of Sunshine (sure to heat both body and soul) have Mademoiselle J. on the road to recovery.'
I made a tasty stew for dinner, yum.
I was going to take pictures, but I had a mishap with the knife while chopping the celery.
Nothing serious, just a nick off the very corner tip of my left thumb,
 enough to be irritatingly inconvenient. 

It's been a good day.

The Girasole Lady


  1. Apparently, I have been missing great things by not reading your comments. It will not happen again. :) I'm glad you are feeling better. Did you take these pictures recently or last summer? Love you.

    1. I took the pictures in 2009. It was the first Summer I had the dishes. The bottom picture, was played with in Photoshop (I think) or on line using some oil pastel action.
      ha- nice to see you here in the comments.
      Love you too-

  2. I love the sound of dishes during summer when we eat out back at your house. It is such a wonderful time!!! Love you!!

    1. I love it most when you're here eating with us too, of course.

  3. Good Morning Becka, I am so pleased to hear you are back to your "sunny" self. I love your Pistoulet dishes, they are right up my street....bright and cheerful. The Secrets of Pistoulet looks a good read and I will be looking on Amazon for a copy. I have a few books which include recipes linked to stories and love them. The snow has fallen here in England and the forecast says there is more. We are taking George's mum grocery shopping this morning to make sure she is stocked up with food....I think we will enjoy a cappucino aswell. Have a lovely day and take care. Best Wishes Daphne

    1. Ah, snow and a cappucino sounds like a wonderful day.
      I'm sure George's mum will appreciate the help in getting her groceries in her home, so she can be cozy for the day as well.
      Have fun-

  4. Becka: So happy you stopped by my blog to visit. I have a second blog also Your dishes are so pretty. I liked the thought of eating out side with your pretty dishes and silverware Marlynne