Friday, January 4, 2013

Frosty Mornings

We've enjoyed some great Sunshine this week, and I am loving the break from the rain. 
The mornings have been COLD.
I wished I would have gotten out earlier this morning for picture taking,
but this is what I got...

Frozen Bird Bath

Irish Shamrock


My Sister and two of her boys, baby Justin and Ryan, have been here visiting all this past week. 
We've had great days of Sunshine, and have been able to get the kids out to play. 
As always, we're having a wonderful Holiday together. 
Enjoying time, and of course good food, at everyone's different homes. 
Tonight is the last family dinner together before she heads back to the City tomorrow.
We'll be hanging out at my Mom's all day and having chicken tacos for dinner tonight. 
I love these days spent together. 

Caveman goes back to work on Monday, after having almost 7 weeks off. 
We really enjoy the time we have together, especially not having any schedule what so ever. 
It's the pay-off we enjoy after him working 
Monday morning I will be sorting and re-organizing my craft/sewing room and getting it ready for a project.
I've learned that I am most happy when I have some sort of a project going.
I have decided this year that I want to quilt more. 
I have quilted lots in the past, and am feeling a renewed energy for it. 
My first goal is to make each of my girls a quilt for their Birthday this year. 
( I had planned on doing it for Christmas, but well... the time thing was getting away from me)
Yes-I had to tell them because I wanted them to pick out the pattern/fabric. 
I better get started too- as Kristina is first up, with her Birthday in February. 

Yesterday when I wrote about my family, I forgot to mention that Beth writes about her 
 life HERE...
she only writes about 4 times a year... but it's well worth the wait. 
Leave her a comment- she'll love it!

Have a wonderful day.

The Girasole Lady


  1. Good Evening Becka, Happy New Year to you. I am sorry I have not been leaving comments, but Christmas took over, but now we are not so busy and things are back to normal. You certainly have beautiful bright, crisp mornings where you live as the photos are beautiful....well worthy of framing!
    Have a lovely day with your mother,your sister and her children. Chicken tacos sound very nice....never eaten them, but I love chicken! Enjoy your day, Best Wishes Daphne

  2. These pictures are really lovely! I'm from Canada and it's so snowy, no green in sight! I look forward to seeing more!

    -Jade @