Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16th: Thanksgiving Table Decor

Each year on Thanksgiving I go all out to set a nice table. Really, it's the only time I exhaust that much effort into setting a table. This year I wanted to decorate my table with pictures of family, as a way to reflect on the memories made over the year. Originally I was planning on getting small inexpensive frames to scatter about on the table. Instead, I decided to utilize my newest crafting abilities with my new Stampin Up inspiration. For the first time I paper crafted on my own, without the guidance of Alex, my inspiration for the craft to begin with.

I decided instead of frames I would use cards and "Scrapbook" both sides of the cards. That way there would be a picture displayed on both sides, then it won't matter what side of the table you are sitting on you can see a picture. I had some old blank cards in my craft room, I picked out 8 of them. They already had designs on both sides of the card, I simply embellished on the already printed designs.
After laying the cards out on the kitchen table ( remember yesterday I told you I had room on the table in my craft room for crafting? Well...I just have to craft in the center of everything) That's right and make a BIG mess. Yep-that's how I like it!

Alex- you didn't tell me paper crafting was such a messy sport. :)
There were so many tiny, tiny pieces of paper EVERYWHERE.

In all seriousness I really, really enjoyed the whole experience.
Tonya was my amazing helper as well, It was nice that we both got to craft together, as the babies took a nap today at the same time. OH how I remember, every mother's dream of a quiet afternoon. ♥

OK-it's time for the big reveal.............

SIDE ONE of the cards.

SIDE TWO of the cards.

One thing I realized about paper crafting is that it is almost instant gratification. Once all the cutting and punching is done it comes together fairly fast. Just another reason for my new love affair.
I feel accomplished for the day.

Every day there is so very much to be thankful for. But this year we are especially thankful for our loved ones, especially the tiniest baby, Mia.

HUGS- see you all again tomorrow.
The Girasole Lady

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  1. Everything came out awesome!!! I can't wait to see it in person if I ever manage to make it out there. The only thing that could make it better is if we were all able to craft together. :) I am thankful to have such an amazing mom and family. :) love you. -Beth