Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 12th: Confession Of a Mishap

I confess, I had a mishap. Yep- last Saturday when I hosted my Stampin Up Workshop I had a nice spread of goodies to share with all my friends. But what my friends didn't know was the mishaps that happened the morning before everyone arrived.

Earlier in the week I had this bright ides to make "mini" Carmel apples. On Friday, the day prior to the party, Tonya and I spent the better part of almost 3 hours cutting up all the apples, sticking toothpicks in the apples, melting a huge pot of Carmel's, and standing in front of the stove for a VERY LONG period of time dipping each piece of apple in the Carmel.
It looked something like this:
Apples cut, toothpicks in.
Melted Carmel. How good does that look?

Finished project. Looks pretty good huh?
Now to send them to the fridge until the next morning, Saturday.


Ya- not so "yummy" anymore. Since the apples were sliced the juice ran out, and therefore washed  ALL the Carmel off the apple to the bottom of the plates, which now appeared as some type of apple soup. YUK!
Nothing that another trip to the grocery store for more apples and Carmel Dip (yes- store bought in small individual containers) couldn't fix.
No harm done, I'm sure no one even suspected.

Moving along, we decided tea was a good thing to offer for a hot drink, especially on a cold rainy day.
I asked Tonya to fill the sugar bowl, yes the small crock that says Instant Coffee is my sugar bowl, see in the picture...

Coincidentally, (really right near the sugar bowl), Tonya notices that there is already a bag of sugar conveniently on the counter. As her hand is on the bag I turn around and yell, "NO, don't use that. It's Citric Acid for fruit drying." Pretty sure the last I checked, Citric Acid is a bad flavor for tea. Although it would not have been harmful, the taste would have resembled that of vitamin C concentrate by, oh let's say, 1000 percent. The up-side is everyone could use a healthy dose of Vitamin C to ward off a vicious respiratory illness.

You know, somethings are just not as you think they appear. Remember that, the next time you host a gathering, or attend one as a guest.

See you tomorrow.
The Girasole Lady

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