Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18th: Towels

Today was the  Mary Lake Thompson   Fall sidewalk sale.
I buy all my kitchen towels there. The cost is FIFTY CENTS per towel. The towels are "seconds", there are slight flaws in each towel that make them unable to be sold at retail price. The flaws are so slight one can hardly notice. Each towel is 100% cotton flour sack, embellished with a beautiful design created by Mary. The towels are made at the MLT Factory right here in Oroville. Mary also has the fanciest, loveliest, beautiful, welcome everyone, retail store here in downtown Oroville. If you haven't paid her a visit  recently you must do so. Mary offers unique merchandise in her retail store, along with beautiful selections of her own designs.

Today I bought 32 towels for $16.00. I would love to show you each of the towels, but time does have its' limits.
 The design is placed at  the center of the bottom edge of the towels.
For today this is my favorite:
Have a HAPPY kitchen.
The Girasole Lady

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