Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3rd: QUILTS

impromptu front cover web
I'm itchin to start a quilt project.

I made quilts for all the girls when they were at
home, along with one for myself. I used a traditional
Trip Around The World design for the girls and Roman Stripe for myself.

I've made several lap, wall hanging and baby quilts in the past several years.

I have chosen this design by Rachel Griffith . I pre-ordered the pattern which is due to be released and shipped sometime in November. I love the crisp white background with the bright colors. I am so excited to get the pattern and then shop for my fabrics. The quilt shown used Treasures & Tidbits fabric for the colorful squares.  

When I quilt my house is a wreck! I spread my fabrics all over the kitchen table, threads on the floor, cutting mats, scissors, you name it and it is out. I love to sew-Quilts and Aprons, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I have to plan carefully when I am going to start this project. I host Thanksgiving at my home, which means I'm required to have the table clear in order for the fabulous food to be eaten. I have to remind myself that not everyone is that enthusiastic about quilting, or any other project I have going on.

I'm up early this morning, as usual. I have to take two of my kitties to the vet for "birth control" management and stop by Raley's to get a few items to prepare for Saturday's Workshop. On the home front I have to start some baking, finish my favour bags, and try to find the top of my kitchen table. It's covered with "craftiness".

It is windy and very cool this morning outside. Temps in the 50's for the remainder of the week, and perhaps some showers today.
I best get busy around here.
Have a good day.
I'll see you tomorrow. 
The Girasole Lady

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  1. Love that quilt!!! I think I should come up during my break in December and learn some quilting techniques :)