Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13th: Persimmions & Pomegranates

I went over to Windmill Farm to see my friend Paula and get some Persimmons and Pomegranates from her farm.
Today we dried the Persimmons in the food dehydrator.

                                                        Persimmons are really beautiful.
After getting them all sliced up, they head to the dehydrator for drying

7 hours later-yummy sweet dried Persimmons.

As for the Pomegranates, they were made into jam.
In our family almost everything we do is a entire family affair. ALL my girls pitch in to help in one way or another.
Seems  my precious grand baby, Laci, is no exception.

Peeling and picking Pomegranate seeds is very serious business.

Just look at all the seeds

This was only one of several containers of seeds.
Making Pomegranate jam is very labor intensive.

After seeding, then comes the mashing of the seeds to get out all the juice.  There are holes in the bottom of that stainless steel bowl, with a stock pot underneath it to collect the juice. See that bowl and wooden smasher? It belonged to my Grammy. Used for the very purpose it was used for today. There is true history in that bowl and masher.  I like to hold it carefully in my hand and remember watching my Grammy's hand wrapped around the very same handle. I can almost feel the love in that wooden handle.

The mashing takes place in the utility sink in the laundry room. The reason being is because DO NOT have these seeds anywhere near a white kitchen sink, unless of course you like the color pink. This is also true for clothing. I have had Pomegranate "tie dyed" clothing in the past.
After a lengthy time of mashing seeds, and straining the juice again through cheese cloth,  you end up with beautiful Pomegranate juice.
There is no picture of the juice because at this point you are really tired, and are now finally ready to actually cook the jam and put it in jars.

Four batches later, you sit back and admire your beautiful jars of jam.

We had a total of about 28 jars.
Pomegranate jam is really my, come to think of it the whole family's,  favorite jam.  It is sweet, smooth and the yummiest jam ever.
What is it about preserving our own food that makes it that much better anyway?
It's knowing where it came from and what's in it.
But mostly, it is the memory created and shared among us in the months and years to come.
Something I can pass along to my girls,  something they will always have with them, to share with their children, and all the children to come, long after I am gone.
The Girasole Lady

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