Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2nd:

 Hello again. So far so good, this is the 2nd of November.
Before I start talking this morning I want to update everyone on Grandbaby Mia      She is the sweetest thing ever, along with sister Laci.
Also my daughter, Beth posted on her blog last night, seems I got her in the mood too. I see myself so much in her. I think she looks inside my heart and knows the words.

We put the Summer garden to rest a couple of weeks ago:

( I changed the pixels on my photographs so they would upload faster, but I think I lost too much of the clarity)
The barn has been cleaned out of Summer dust.

 The back of the barn has been scrapped clean, that way the mud during the Winter doesn't get so bad. We use the manure/dirt mixture to add in the LARGE compost pile, along with left over hay/grass/household compost.  My rule of thumb for composting is "If comes from Mother Earth give it back" This make the very best compost for the garden. We usually have 2 compost piles going on at the same time because we like to let the compost sit for a year before we use it in the gardens, plenty of time for breakdown. Next year we will be using the pile started last year- if that makes any sense at all to you.

The bard has been filled with hay:
I won't even start talking about the cost of hay-or the supply available.

I have 3 Pomegranates:
(well it's a start right?)

We welcomed new neighbors this Summer:

Across the road out front there are new horses.
Out back in the field is cattle.
They're shy, or were still sleeping this morning, notice they are absent.
Maverick, my faithful companion, follows me everywhere, unless ofcourse he is chasing a cat! Which is a problem since I happen to have 6. That is his one downfall. He knows he is not suppose to chase them. He simply cannot help himself. We work on this daily.

 ♥ I love this dog ♥
As for the rest of the day, I am going to start a pot of Chili and get a loaf of bread going. Tonya and the babies are coming down and we are working on favours for the Stampin-Up Workshop I am hosting Saturday afternoon. Fun, Fun, Fun!!! I wish you all could come. If you wanna join in just let me know, really I mean it.
When Caveman gets home this afternoon we have firewood to work on. hankering down for the Winter months ahead.
Have a good day.
I'll see you tomorrow.
The Girasole Lady

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