Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25th: Central Park NYC

Remember earlier this year, January, when New York City had that horrendous snow storm?
Well, my daughter Beth was there for a Market show to work the Mary Lake Thompson booth. Beth flew from Dallas to New York, and was in New York for a couple of days by herself, waiting for Mary, and another co-worker to arrive. The weather was so severe everyone had trouble getting into New York, due to numerous flight delays. Beth, my baby, ALONE in the Big Apple all by herself! I'm her mother, of course I was worried. Beth has been to New York many times and loves visiting the City.

As always, Beth was in her glory, and had a marvelous time. Central Park was absolutely beautiful in the still quiet of the City. Beth described it as beauty beyond imagination. She trudged through the snow and took amazing pictures of the park...............

After walking in the park Beth took the subway to the American Museum of Natural History.
She'll be going back again this coming January.

For today-we shopped downtown Oroville and had a great family outing once again.
Tomorrow is another big family day, taking a field trip to Tonya and Ryan's house to see the building progress, and a dinner of ham and beans back at my home.
I'll be back, I promise.
The Girasole Lady

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