Monday, June 11, 2012

That One Perfect Photo

This unlikely story begins on a sea that was a blue dream, as colorful as blue-silk stockings, and beneath a sky as blue as the irises of children's eyes.” 
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

(This one single picture is the reason I shoot all the hundreds before) 

I'm back from visiting family in the Bay Area. I took a few hundred pictures (yes-I'm sure there were those who thought it to be crazy), for the sole purpose of capturing that 'one perfect' photo. That one perfect photo this weekend was Mia's blue eyes. I swear they are the same color as the blue water in the pool. 
We all had an amazing visit. This morning my heart is full of nothing more than a loving family and the close knit bonds that hold us so very dear to each other. 
 I have so much more to share, but for this morning there are tons of chores to get caught up on.
The Girasole Lady