Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cleaning Turned To Painting

Monday I decided to give my Living room a long overdue deep cleaning. You know the type of cleaning where you actually remove the cushions off the couch and chairs, and clean and vacumn underneath them. It doesn't happen very often, sad to say, but true. In the midst of my living room being torn apart, and the clutter from the living room piled all over the kitchen table, waiting to be put back where it all belonged, I decided to paint the play table in the living room I have for the Granbabies.

It's a simple pine table my youngest daughter, Beth, made in wood shop while she was in high school. It's plain pine, no stain coloring on it, just a clear coat. It had been stashed away, who knows where, until Laci was old enough that she needed a table to sit at when using color crayons. Over the last year or so Laci has managed to color all over the top of it with crayons and markers.

Honestly, the poor table just needed a good dose of TLC, and apparently right then and there, that very second,  seemed like a perfectly fine time to go ahead and just start a painting project. No- I did NOT finish the living room cleaning project before I started on the table!

Does any one else do this kind of thing, where right in the middle of an already disastrous mess, just burst out with a paint brush because you can't take it a minute longer? Really, please don't make me feel alone here. 

Well, I do, and it went something like this...

I  finished cleaning the living room right after I finished the table. 

And that's all I have to say about that. 
The Girasole Lady