Friday, June 15, 2012

A Sign- Part Two

I know, I was suppose to post these pictures yesterday.

Yesterday was spent at Tonya's house lovin-up on the Grandbabies, so Tonya could sew curtains for her kitchen and girls bathroom. No excuse- I know.
Oh, yes-we went fabric shopping, you guessed it, I accidentally brought some fabric home too.  I would say I would show you the fabric tomorrow, but let's wait a day or two, that way there is no pressure on me...ok?

Here's the finished signs.
I hung them on the wall right above the window in the dining room, which I actually like to refer to as the Kitchen Table Room. Weird- oh well.

The wood for the "groceries" sign also came from the broken up dresser. It was the part that stood up along the back of the dresser top.

I lightly sanded the front again, then applied some of the Annie Sloan Dark Wax with a soft clean cloth, just a thin wipe here and there. 
I am happy with the way the signs turned out. 
And just to remind you again of how terrible I am at tutorials, here is the only picture I took during the whole process of finishing the sign...
Does that even count? 

I've seen signs similar to this for sale at Pottery Barn

Actually, now that I am looking at this, it gives me inspiration to make my own "home-made" version of this sign for my kitchen. Because really...$89.00!!!   I don't know about you- but that is totally out of my budget! 
Today I'll either be sewing or painting...right after a trip to Costco. 
The End
The Girasole Lady


  1. Great Job Becka aren't you loving that Annie Sloan paint!!!