Friday, June 29, 2012


My dear friend, Diana, hosted a 'June Birthday' luncheon at her home today.

I made
Cake In A Jar for dessert.
It was fun to make, easy to serve, and easy to take home. Bake a Chocolate Sheet Cake  (let it cool completely), then cut the cake into circles (I used the rim of a cup) to fit inside the half-pint canning jars. Start by laying a circle of the cake at the bottom of the jar, then some Butter Cream frosting, another layer of cake, fresh sliced strawberries (slightly sugared), fresh whipped cream, then add a few fresh (un-sugared) strawberry slices to the very top. Put the lid on the jar and you can decorate the jar to your liking.
Dessert ready to go.

It was a wonderful afternoon spending time with some very special friends. 

June is a very good month
The Girasole Lady

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