Saturday, December 1, 2012


Last year during the month of November I challenged myself to post each day for the entire month.
I love looking back and remember the mundane daily things that go on in my life.
Because let's face it.... normal routines and mundane tasks are what make up the majority of life. Right?
I've decided to make the same commitment for this month of December.

My house has been a WRECK since Thanksgiving. I haven't put away any of my Fall decor, and to add to the mess I have picked up a few Christmas things here and there. Then to top that off,  I started to pull out some of the seasonal decor that I keep stored in the laundry room cupboards.

I call this ThanXmas... being stuck between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

 I was crafting yesterday and this is the dining table.

Yep- it still looks like this RIGHT NOW this morning.

Pretty sure I won't be cleaning it off because I'll be doing more crafting today.
I am participating in a craft fair December 15th & 16th.
The fair will be downtown at a local coffee chop, Coffee Diem. 
Last year I sold 3 aprons there!
This year in addition to some new aprons, I'm making some paper crafts. 
I'm a Stampin UP! Demonstrator, so am very well supplied in all sorts of really cool paper crafting stuff.

Here are a few items I made yesterday.

The top 2 are a hanging pocket holder, for a packet of hot chocolate, apple cider, or a gift card. 
The 6 bottom ones are matchbook style that have a sticky note pad inside of them.
I know these are terrible pictures, but when I'm ready to make the official "Craft Fair" post I'll be more detailed. 

For today this is what my life will more than likely look like. All the girls are over for more crafting. It's raining outside, as it has been for the last few days, and it's gonna be a good day for sure. 

The Girasole Lady

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