Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Almost Everyday

Here it is Thursday.
So much for the every day in December challenge. 
I should have said "almost" every day of December. 

Tuesdays I help out a friend at her office, and yesterday... well yesterday just went to 'Hell In A Hand Basket'. Does anyone say that anymore? 
It was all fine in the beginning.  The morning started with a DEEP cleaning of our bedroom, then scrubbed the bathroom, sorted out some cupboards in the kitchen, and a took care of a few loads of laundry. I left for town about noonish, just to pick up a few things at the store, and didn't make it home until after 3 o'clock! 
Really- what happened? I have NO idea. 
I ended up getting some bright idea to stop at a few places for Christmas shopping, which I might add turned into a lose, lose idea. 
You know, I'm really just not a public shopper. I'd much rather shop on-line, where no one is breathing down my neck in the isle and trying to shove themselves by me. 
Seriously people... come on... we're all in this together. BE NICE! and SMILE. 
Oh- and another gripe....
(and before I state this, I love my dogs, cats, and horses very much)
but... the past several times, in both Walmart & Raley's,  I have seen people bringing their dogs into the store, putting them in the basket. 
I have an medium sized dog, Mini Aussie, is it ok if I bring him into the store with me? Or does the dog have to fit in the basket?  Tell me, what is the criteria? 

That's it! I'm making him a Service Vest so he can accompany me to the store. 

Or how about-I just bring my horse(s) with me to the store next time? 
Would anyone mind? After all it is my pet. Oh- and I promise to clean up after it! 
Besides, think of the money I would save on gas if I just rode into town on the horse. 
As Caveman always says, "Horses need to be fed every day whether you use them or not, as opposed to 
the car that doesn't need gas if it's not being used'. 
I'm guessing he has a point there. 

Alright- enough ranting. 

Today.... I'm still crafting items for the craft fair. Therefore, my dinning table looks just the same as the other day, well actually worse. So bad, in fact, that I have to re-organize it before I can even start working again. 

Saddle up Cowboy, I'm a comin to town.

The Girasole Lady


  1. Amen Sis a Roo! The more I stay at home the less tolerance I have for mankind. I think we should load up all our dogs and put them in one basket :). Yes Oakie included. Then the kids in another cart. I miss you!!!!

  2. First, I have to say you were very productive to get all that done BEFORE noon! Wow, you must be a fast worker or your place was significantly clean to begin with. If I did a DEEP cleaning of my bedroom, you wouldn't see hide nor hair of me for a month or more!
    I'm not a big crowd shopper either. I like to dart in and dart out but as long as the little dogs don't poopy in the aisles, I'm OK with them in the carts. I guess I'm more distressed seeing them locked in cars. Now, riding a horse to the store... that could be fun if you had to pick up one or two things. Especially if gas prices spike again, you may be in good company if you "saddle up" and "head to town". Thanks for the chuckle.

    1. Hi Bernadine-
      The only reason I can get much done is I am a very early riser (5 ish), and it is just my husband and I at home, all our girls are grown and out of the 'nest'. LOL
      And yes- I agree, I would much rather see the little dogs in the cart as opposed to being inside a car.
      Gee- if we were closer we could saddle up together.
      Thanks for stopping by.