Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's been raining, for the most part, continuously since Wednesday.

(yes- I wear Capri pants and boots all during the Winter, because then I don't have to worry about getting the bottoms of my pants wet)

When living in the country, words like culvert, drains, ditches, and gravel are very important. 

Rain means one thing here, and that is mud and water.

The arena is now a lake, with various chairs lying around that have been blown there by the winds. 

The winds were terrible last night. 
Gusts upward of 50MPH. 
The swing set blew over.

I was dreading going out to the barn this morning as I was worried about my greenhouse,
but it weathered the storm very well. 
There it was standing secure, all the panels intact and together. 

We had a truck and transfer of gravel delivered a month or so ago, and spread it all around the shop. 
 Even though it is still flooded, at least you can walk on the gravel and not sink into a mud hole. 

This is the back of the shop. 

We've been without power twice during this storm, on Friday evening from 4-7 and again this morning from 5-6:30. It's not too bad when the power is out, we still have heat and light from the wood stove. 
I can still cook because we have a propane stove, and we are able to have hot and running water. 
We have a couple of lanterns and lots of candles. 

I need to brave this weather and head into town sometime today, as I need to get some groceries. 
For now, I'm just sitting by the fire, enjoying the storm outside. 

The Girasole Lady

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  1. That is some serious rain and runoff! I'm glad you didn't get more damage other than the poor swing set that looks like it got pretty banged up. The gravel around your large shed looks like it held everything in place. I hope water didn't seep in from the back. Sitting by a wood stove, sipping tea, and staying warm sounds great to me.