Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Morning

Good Morning

Another successful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, good food, and good times. 
I'm in low gear this morning.
Caveman has already headed up to the mountains, with his brothers, to cut firewood. 
Us girls...we have a shopping trip planned later today.  
We'll be heading downtown a little later on, nothing big, just fun local shopping.
We are not ones who brave the early bird crowd and shop. 
The sun is brilliant this morning, and even though the temperatures will be cool, it will be a lovely Fall day for strolling the street(s) in town. 
We'll feast on left overs this afternoon, and enjoy this precious time together. 

The Girasole Lady 


  1. Thank you so much for keeping our tradition going each year. It means so much more than words can say. Love you!!!!

    1. Awe Sis. I love you too. Sorry you weren't feeling your best, but was still glad we were together. HUGS ♥