Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apron Big & Small

A good majority of the apron's I see look more like a bib for me than an actual apron.
The original Apron pattern I used for this style was not wide enough, to cover all my...well let's just say what needed to be covered.
I redesigned the waist band to be adjustable.

The tie to the apron is slipped though the waist band casing.
The width can be adjusted smaller by scrunching up the casing on the waist band tie to fit.

Kinda like a curtain panel. This allows for so much more comfort. 

Not too mention, have you ever washed an apron, or anything with ties, and the ties get all wrapped around the washer agitator, or caught in the dryer door? When this happens it usually results in some sort of tear to the garment.  The waist band tie comes completely out of the apron waist band casing and can be removed prior to washing and drying. The tie is simply slipped back through the casing after laundering with a safety pin pull-through method.

Another can have more than one tie band for contrasting designs. It also makes the waist band much stronger as there is no pressure pulling on the sides of the apron strings where it would traditionally connect to the Apron.
The pockets are double lined for durability and strength.
I have made numerous Apron's and this, by far, is my favorite style. It is the first pattern I have really custom tailored to fit my needs...I hope yours too.

When we put on our Apron's amazing things can happen...

 The Girasole Lady

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