Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finally Fall

Could it be true that Fall has finally arrived?

I do believe so...

I walked out to the barn this morning and noticed several leaves on the grass under the Maple tree. 
I noticed one or two in the past week or so, but with the heat so intense here in N. California, I couldn't even begin to think about Fall. Our temps are cooling down today to the 80's, and we may see some 70's over the weekend. 

Oh- I am so ready. 

Another sure sign of Fall- Caveman, as of last weekend, does not have to work on Saturdays & Sundays, and he is back to his 'normal' work schedule. 
We are planning several projects to keep us busy. 
First on the agenda is tearing down and remodeling an old fence.
(in process)
Graveling around the shop and out to the barn.
Re- painting our bedroom, and both bathrooms. 

Virginia Creeper is beautiful in the Fall. 
Bright orange and red, full of purplish berries.

I'm finishing up the pumpkin project today!

Listen! The wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves.
We have had our Summer evenings,
now for October eves!
-Humbert Wolfe

The Girasole Lady

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