Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ft. Bragg - Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

 On our vacation in Ft. Bragg we went to the Botanical Gardens. 
This was one thing I really wanted to do, and the weather held out for us to do so. 
The Botanical Gardens are 47 acres of absolute paradise! 
There are trails and paths everywhere, and I am sure we missed tons of stuff on our day trip. 

The 47 acres of garden lead you to the ocean.

Once you reach the coast there is this 
"Cliff House" with a spectacular view.

It is completely enclosed
I wished I had brought my picnic basket 
so we could have eaten lunch in here.
(next time)

Looking out the windows, just to the right, up on the hill, was a 
 beautiful weathered fence.

From there we ventured over to the Parrish Pioneer Cemetery.

and yes, I thought it was beautiful too...

Then.... the VEGETABLE garden. 
It was my favorite spot!
In light of that statement, now I'll just post about a gazillion pictures to share...

(yes, I do realize that my shadow is in the picture, and I tried to crop it out, 
but then it cropped off some of  the words)

Just outside the Garden...

 Entering the Garden...

My head was practically spinning... I have an iron headboard similar to this right in my garage at home!

This year I feel in love with Leeks

The out building leaving the Garden...

Oh my goodness... I could live there.
If ever you get a chance to vacation over on the Mendocino coast, 
this is a must 'go to' place.

The Girasole Lady


  1. Good Evening Becka, What a lovely place to visit and those views of the sea are breath taking. It must have made it difficult for the Parrish family to grow vegetables so close to the sea. Leeks are a particular favourite of the North East of England and there are many competitions for growing the biggest leek. Last year I was given a leek which was 14" in circumference....I made leek soup, somehow it seemed a shame to cut into such a fine specimen.....but we did enjoy the soup. Have a lovely evening, Best Wishes Daphne

  2. Hi Becka,
    Thank you for the tour of this gorgeous garden. It's so inspirational to see the beds, the veggies and the great whimsical elements. I love those outbuildings, all weathered and rustic looking. The iron headboard caught my eye too and I thought that was a clever use. I hope you end up using yours in the garden, too. If I'm ever in that area, I will surely plan a trip to that Botanical garden. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Good Morning Becka, I have just popped by to invite you to join in a bit of fun. I have tagged you on my blog and am asking you 11 questions about yourself. It is a way for people to get to know you and your blog. I hope you are able to join in. The link is I hope you can join in. Best wishes Daphne

    1. Hi Daphne-
      I have finally finished my ELEVEN post. Thank you for asking me to join in on the fun!
      We'll be chatting soon.