Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Babies/Green House/Swing Set

There are so many things I love about March.

#1- My sis, Jen, had a beautiful BABY Boy on March 3rd. 
Justin Michael 3/3/2012
9lb 4oz
(ya-sis I still have you beat by 2oz)
I can hardly wait to love him and kiss him and squeeze him!

#2- Daylight Savings Time begins March 11th.
#3- Spring comes on March 20th. 

Saturday Caveman and I finished the Green House.
It took the better part of the day to complete the construction.

 It measures about 6ft x 8ft, a perfect size to begin with. 

It has a sliding front door and two windows on the roof for ventilation.

 As soon as we were done with the Green House, Caveman and I set out to get a swing set for the Grand babies. I had to strike fast while the "constructing" mode was hot.
Bright and early Sunday morning, yes the weather was AMAZING all weekend, we struck out for yet another project. 
The last swing set we put together was for our children years ago. 
 Putting together the swing set was a breeze compared to the Green House. 

Before lunchtime Laci was able to try it out.

What a wonderful weekend. 
The Girasole Lady

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