Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Different Kind Of Pinterest

Long, very long ago, before Pinterest came about, I created my own sort of old fashioned Pinterest.

I invested in plain white binders (my favorite 1-1/2 inch D-ring), and clear sheet protectors. The binders have a clear pocket on the front, so I slip in a pretty picture to serve as the cover. I gathered inspiring pictures, articles, project and crafty ideas, decorating, gardening, DIY, antiquing, collectibles, anything that inspired me, from magazines. I would then slip the cut out pages in the clear sheet protectors and fastened them into the binder. I've a vast collection of all sorts of inspiring ideas. A large part of my inspirational pages came from my Country Living magazines, I've been a subscriber since the 80's.  When I feel the need for a little inspiration I gather up the binders and look through all pages. It has taken me a number of years to collect all this stuff, it didn't happen overnight.

I have recently learned that Pinterest has some copyright infringement and actual stealing issues, something that I would never intentionally participate in. Because my blog is my personal life story,  I would hope that someone would not "pin" a picture from my blog without my permission. I would certainly not want to pin something from a fellow blogger without asking. With Pinterest there is no way to guarantee that this wouldn't happen.

I follow a blog, Quiet Life, Donna is a wonderful woman, and I respect her thoughts and opinions on many topics. I want to share her blog post here regarding Pinterest.  Donna also linked to this article about legal issues regarding Pinterest.  
Please, please, read this article if you have a Pinterest account.

I too, love Pinterest. Although, I have to admit it was somewhat addicting and fairly time consuming. It was easy to sit at the computer and look at just a few things, then those "few" things lead to another and another, until an hour(s) passed before I could pull myself away. Ya- I'm weak like that!

I've decided to stick to my old fashioned Pinterest, binders and all.

Sad to say, but I have deleted my cyber Pinterest Boards, it's just not for me.
The Girasole Lady


  1. I love your inspiration folders :) yesterday I left two comments on pictures that I knew usually had watermarks on them. I left nice but firm comments. I'm so happy to meet you! Thank you for leaving your blog link.


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