Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jelly Roll Jam Quilt/New Aprons

The Fat Quarter Shop posted a great
complete pattern and tutorial. 

I love the Fat Quarter Shop.

This is a super simple quilt, and it just so happened I had a couple of Jelly Rolls just waiting to be used. 
I've actually had them for over a year, (maybe longer) stashed in my craft room.

Don't know what a Jelly Roll is....

This pattern literally just takes just a couple of hours to make this quilt, start to finish. 

I made two of them. 

The quilts are lap size, measuring about 36x36. 
This was made from a Moda Jelly Roll, Coming Home by Deb Strain. 

I used the new Moda, Wool and Needle Flannel, by Primitive Gatherings, in black, for the backing.

The second one

is also made from a Moda Jelly Roll, Together by Brannock and Patek. 

I used the same Flannel backing as the other quilt, only in red. 

I cannot say enough good things about Moda brand fabric, 
and several other of my favorite makers. 
Yes, I have to admit it...
I'm a fabric SNOB!'

OK- I said it! 

I can't, and won't, settle for the cheaper fabric store brands. 
It's the feel, the texture, and the quality, and  that's what I choose to pay for. 
I always stick to the higher end manufactures and designers. 
Which brings me to the point of selling them.
I can't. Why?
Because I'm not so sure I could even cover my material costs in each quilt. 
Each quilt has about $50.00 of material involved. 
Which, does not include my time or thread. 
Each Jelly Roll runs about $40.00, I used half of a Roll in each quilt. 
The Flannel for the backing was $11.99 per yard, I used one yard in each quilt. 
The batting was $17.99 per bag, I used 1 bag, minus 2 feet,  for each quilt. 

So really, unless you have a fair knowledge about the fabric costs of the materials used, 
would you really be willing to pay $50.00 per quilt, or more?

I'm working on some new Aprons....

Here's a sneak peek at the fabrics I'll be using...

Another great manufacture, Robert Kaufman, designed by 

I'm making more of the smock style aprons, and will be selling them for $34.95 each. 

They will be this style

I'm currently out of the chicken print, but if you're interested in these fabrics for an Apron, 
I'm pretty sure I can get more.

If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in purchasing an Apron, please contact me directly, before I list them in my Etsy Store. 
Which has been sorely neglected these past several months. 

Have a lovely day. 

The Girasole Lady


  1. Thanks for posting this! I am headed over there for the instructions. Love, love the chicken apron!

    1. LIz-
      You're gonna love making this quilt.
      Let me know how it turns out for you, I would love to see it when you get it finished.
      See you soon.