Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Fall

This Fall, so far, lots of things have been happening here at Girasole Farm. 

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of Gran-baby #4- a BOY! 
I suspect he will make his grand entrance this week or next. 

We're still working on the back porch addition, finishing up the roof. We have the posts set and the cross beams up. It's been a work in progress that's for sure. 

Caveman's last day of work for the year is November 15th, and he will return to work on January 6th. 
This is the time of year when the long, long, work days of Summer really pay off. YAY! 

We've collected wood from the mountains, and officially had our first fire in the wood stove just a few days ago. 

 I spent a day baking a cake with Laci and Mia. 
I can cook a mean pie, but cake..well... 
I'm not so good. 
I can certainly make a tasty cake, but let's just say there is severe lack in presentation.  

In my cookbook obsession, I purchased this book on cakes...
Most of the recipes make nice small 6" cakes. 
The pans used are 6" round, 3" deep, although the only pans I could find were 2"deep. 
Isn't that cake on the cover lovely?
Simple, clean, and beautiful. 
That's what I tried to achieve...
but it didn't turn out so well...
Yummy none the less. 

I had positively adorable helpers...


We had a really great time together! 
That is what really mattered. 

Then there was Halloween...
 which consisted of a Butterfly

A Little Stinker Skunk
                                                                          A Ladybug
 Ryan, Tonya,
Laci and Mia
Kristina and Harper. 

In other non-pictured news-

Cousin Aletha came for a visit. 

I put up 3 batches of Pomegranate jam.

I painted  and re-decorated the Hall bathroom.

My sis and her boys came for a unexpected, Pre-Thanksgiving visit, this past weekend. 

My head is swirling with all sorts of ideas for Thanksgiving.
We are blessed enough to have some extra special family coming to be with us this year. 
My home will be full of family, friends, and LOTS of babies this year. 
Our hearts, as always, will be filled of  love, contentment, and peace. 

I see skies of blue, 
And clouds of white. 
The bright blessed day, 
The dark sacred night. 
And I think to myself, 
What a wonderful world. 
-Louis Armstrong-

The Girasole Lady


  1. You truly have a wonderful world. Those babies are adorable.

  2. I cannot wait until Thanksgiving!!! :D It is going to be the best year yet.

  3. I love that picture of Mia, but it's weird to see a picture of me pregnant. That's probably weird in itself. Also, baby boy still isn't here. I think we've all jinxed it.

    1. I really love that picture too. It truly says thousand words. BTW- it's straight from the camera- no editing.