Thursday, September 26, 2013

Apples, Apples, (and more) Apples.

When we planted our fruit orchard a few years ago (2010), we planted two apple trees, a Golden Delicious and Fuju.
This year we had a bumper crop, and even though we thinned out buckets and buckets of apples earlier in the season, we still had plenty. However, it was a hard job for our still smallish trees. We had to brace several tree branches up, so the weight of the apples wouldn't break the limbs off. 
Poor things. 

For the past week around here it has been all about apples.

Why I never invested in an apple peeler before this year, I will never know! 
This apple peeler, corer, slicer, thing-a-ma-jig is amazing! 
Who knew? Obviously NOT me. 

Last Wednesday I went to my friend, Paula's, and participated in her applesauce class she was teaching. 
Paula has a beautiful home and farm over in Gridley, 
Windmill Farms- you really should go and have a visit with her. 
Paula is a kindred spirit, and I always enjoy a good visit with her. 

It was fun to spend an evening in her kitchen, with the other gals as well, making applesauce together. 
It reminded me of what it might have been like back in the days when women folk would get together and help each other in the kitchen during the harvest season chores. 

I now have my pantry stocked with 
Apple sauce & Apple pie filling

Dried apples...
some dried with skin on...
skin off...
and sugar candied...

I cooked down a batch of apples to get the juice out, so I can make Apple Jelly tomorrow. 

Just about now I am sitting with a piece of pie, (because it is not at all possible to have this many apples and no pie) and a hot cup of tea. 

That, my dear, is all I have to say about Apples.

The Girasole Lady


  1. All this apple talk makes me want a slice a la mode! :) Can't wait to see how the jam comes out.

  2. Cute polka for fabric. Where did that come from? And also, now I want more pie. :)

  3. You will really enjoy all of these wonderful apple treats over the cold winter months.
    We like to slice an apple, place the slices in a bag, add a bit of lemon juice and cinnamon sugar - "healthy" apple pie in a bag !
    Enjoy your weekend. Rose

  4. Yum. My grandmother always used to make us applesauce in the summer when we'd visit. Lots of cinnamon and served icy cold. Along with a hot dog bun taken apart, fried in butter on each side, and then slathered with apple butter. My mother would have had a fit at that for lunch but my brother and I just loved it!

  5. Good Evening Becka, I have never seen an apple peeler like the one in your photograph, it's fabulous. I am certainly going to be on the hunt for one as I use a small kitchen knife to peel all my apples, but your apple peeler looks like much more fun.
    How lovely to spend time with friends.... and in the kitchen. You sound like you had a wonderful time.
    Becka, can I ask how you dried the apples, do you dry them slowly in the oven as I would love to do this, as they would be perfect for my morning muesli.
    Best Wishes to you,

    1. Hi Daphne-

      Thank you for stopping by to have a chat.

      I used a food dehydrator for drying the apples.
      Here is a link to the one I have ...

      I have not dried fruit with the oven method before. I do have a farming friend that dries her fruits outside in the sun, something else I have not tried.

      I love this apple peeler, I got it at our local Ace hardware store, in the canning section. It's an amazing tool. You can also use it for peeling potatoes, and such like.

      Oh if we were neighbors- I would certainly have you over for some harvest chores. What a wonderful time we would have together.

      Have a very nice day.
      I'll be popping over for a visit.
      - Becka -