Friday, September 6, 2013

Finished Quilt

Back in January of this year I decided to sew a quilt for each of my girls for their birthdays, beginning with a quilt for Kristina. 
Now I have to say that it was suppose to be done for her birthday- - in FEBRUARY! 

It is now September and I can safely say that, as of this morning, the quilt is complete.

I found the most perfect flannel, plaid yellow and gray, for the quilt backing.

I did my version of machine quilting around the edges

and down along the solid strips of gray.

The quilt is lap size, and I know Kristina will have many chilly nights to snuggle underneath the coziness of it. 

I'm excited about starting the next quilt/project.
(Tonya's birthday was in August, so I'm still behind)

I'm equally excited, well maybe a bit more, about the new sewing machine I purchased last week. 
After a good deal of research I decided on the 

Janome DC2013

I absolutely LOVE it! 
You can read about it here at Janome

I bought my machine at Cathy's Sew and Vac.
Nice people and excellent customer service.
It just so happens that one of my favorite quilt stores, Honey Run Quilters, is inside the store as well. 

The last sewing machine I bought was a JC Penny model in 1977 (it was my 1 year wedding anniversary present), we paid $99.00 for it back then. 
By golly- that machine sewed lots and lots of little girls clothes, and quilts. 
Boy, did I ever get my moneys worth out of that old machine. 
 I retired the JCP machine after my mom had picked up an older Singer machine for me at a garage sale for $20.00, a very long, long, time ago. 
Most recently, I had been borrowing a Singer Simple from Beth. 

I feel like I have my first 'grown-up' sewing machine.

My gardens are frazzled by the end of Summer Blues, just yucky and weathered.
It is going to be hot again this weekend, so I'll be putting off serious gardening until a bit cooler weather.

Tomorrow there is wedding dress shopping planned!
Beth, my littlest girl, is getting married next June.

I'm happy.

The Girasole Lady


  1. Good Morning Becka, Congratulations on finishing your quilt, it is lovely and with the flannel backing it is going to be so cosy.... your daughter will love it.
    I am going to take inspiration from you and knuckle down and finish Danielle's quilt. The problem is, finding the time. I have finished baby Polly's quilt and I am now making a baby quilt for Wasanti, our friend who lives in India. Her baby is due in October, but because of the Indian postal system, which isn't very reliable, Natasha is going to take it back to India in the New Year.... so of course Danielle's quilt gets put to the back of the queue. I think when the colder weather arrives, I will do a lot more sewing, as with the warmer weather I tend to do a lot of gardening.
    It was lovely reading about your visit to the sea side. The house you mentioned is so lovely. Living beside the sea, you would certainly see the change in the seasons with the dramatic change in the sea.
    It is lovely catching up with you.
    Best Wishes

  2. And you quilt too?! What lovey gifts to give your daughters. My cousin in Alaska made a stunning quilt for my son when he was born. I too have a Janome but it's nothing close to your model . . . very basic ;)

  3. You really are not far behind in your quilting. (it is quite lovely by the way) My daughter helped me pick out fabric for her twin size quilt when she was 5. After a bit of "life" happenings, I finished her quilt and presented it to her the Christmas before her.....wait for it....18th birthday!!! Have fun with wedding prep!
    From Tonya's friend MC

  4. I love the quilt... Colors and pattern. Congrats on the new sewing machine!