Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Good Stuff

We have been incredibly busy these past few weeks. 

The good stuff around Girasole Farm...

Tomato seeds and Sunflower seeds have been started and growing well in the green house. 

 A few weeks ago Caveman built a couple of planters for me out of an old 55 gallon drum that we had hanging around, and yesterday I planted seeds in them.

 I planted Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, and Oregano, along with Carrots and Radishes. 

 When we added trees to the Orchard, I got some Blueberry bushes too.
Eventually they will be planted out in the orchard as well, but for now I will keep them in a container until they are a little bigger. 

They even have some small blooms.

The Summer garden area has been plowed up

The soil will need to be worked up a few more times and some compost/mulch added before planting time. 

The field is green and has been mowed. 
Soon enough it will be brown from the Summer heat. 

 The Peonies are happy, and doing exceptionally well this year. 

 and one more thing, something you probably wouldn't expect me to post a picture of....

 Caveman has been working on this Shelby Cobra car for about 3 years, and finally it is completed. 
He is waiting for a CHP inspection and then file the DMV paperwork. 
He built it from scratch! It was a kit car from Factory Five. 
I'm excited too, and looking forward to a road trip together. 

I also had the pleasure of having my Cousin Candy, and Cousin Aletha,  each come for a visit. 
It was fun having family here with us, and we had a wonderful time. 

The sun has continued to shine for us, although the few days Candy was here we did have some rain. 
During her visit we took a trip into town and had a visit at 
Mary's Store

That about sums it up for now. 

On Saturday Beth and I are heading to the High Hand Nursery in Loomis for a class on irrigation. 

Enjoy the good stuff.

 The Girasole Lady


  1. Oh no what will I do on Saturday!?

  2. spring really has sprung! I can't wait for the snow here to melt - my little seed packets are singing to me and begging to be planted. Your cobra is lovely - you'll have so much fun roadtrippin'!

  3. It is a breath of fresh air to see your seedlings and hear of your work in your gardens !
    We have several more weeks of cold in Pennsylvania before we can start.

  4. Your Spring is definitely way ahead of us. We still have snow on the ground. Lovely to see Spring photos it gives me HOPE that Spring will arrive soon. Your DH did a wonderful job of building his car kit. Nice color, enjoy your first road trip with it. Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy

  5. I can't wait to get my plants and seeds into the ground. Ordered seeds today and the plants are waiting patiently in the garage until the house was pressure-washed today - the planters are very near in the front. Beautiful car! I know you'll have fun on that road trip!

  6. I love the look of fresh new seedlings :-)

    Happy Easter!

  7. I ran across your blog at Grow Your Blog, and well sunflowers are my all time favorites! I have been reading your past entries and you seem like a girl after my own heart! My hubby would love to have a project like your "caveman". Nice to meet you!