Tuesday, April 2, 2013

High Hand Nursery & Spring Gardening

Saturday Beth and I took a road trip to the  High Hand Fruit Sheds in Loomis. 
To start the day we attended a class on irrigation systems.
The class was very helpful in understanding the actual mechanics of irrigation systems, watering tables and times, soil conditions, and what not. 

We had been to the Nursery once before, but this was the first class we attended. 
The class was free of charge, and we are already planning on attending another class in May about attracting beneficial wildlife life to your garden.

I learned something too, that I had forgotten for a bit, and that is - I really love learning, and how empowered it makes you feel. I've always been a sort of self teacher, in most aspects of my life. 

After the class we spent hours shopping in the Nursery.
When one shops for plants with Beth, you will learn ALL the scientific names of everything! 
Beth is passionate, really passionate,  about plants, and extremely knowledgeable as well. 

We both came home with arm loads of plants.
Upon returning home from the trip, I planted in the garden for the rest of the evening. 
I was so happy to have gotten everything, except one bush,  in the ground  as we had a good amount of rain on Sunday. 

My purchased included....

Ornamental Strawberries
planted in the raised bed in the small garden. 

Dianthus & Erysimum planted out front in the walkway. 


Georgia Blue Veronica
and Waterperry Veronica


Bleeding Heart

Sorbet Raspberry Viola

These were all planted in the little red bed in the small garden

This is a Ninebark 
I haven't decided exactly where to plant it yet. 

A few other things, not new, but looking good are my Japanese Maple and Sweet Peas. 
 This Maple tree began a number of year ago as a sapling from my Mom's garden. 
I never expected it to grown into a 'real' tree, but boy did it ever, and I love it. 
And Gosh... I never knew how expensive these trees were until a few years ago...wow! 

We ended the day having a wonderful lunch at the

It was a very good day indeed. 

In other news...
this week I need to plant a few more seeds and fertilize the Orchard. 

I've been working on a quilt
(that should have been done in February)

Best of all..
My sister will be arriving this weekend and will be staying here for a week!!
I'm so excited, and can hardly wait for her to get here. I haven't seen her since New Year's. 
I'm hoping for sunshine next week! 

"We get up in the morning and we do our best, and nothing else matters"

The Girasole Lady


  1. Your Maple Tree is truly awesome. I really admire all your plants you put into your flower bed. Hugs Judy

  2. Your bed does look good, it's all full of goodies now! :) Can't wait till the next road trip to Roses and Rust! YAY! Also, I was thinking that we should brush up on my plant names and teach you some as well. We can have our own plant ID class. :)

  3. everything looks so lush! We are still snowy in my area of the world <3 - but it is spring and these photos are thrilling me to the tips of my toes.
    P.S. I absolutely adore your red bed!

  4. Good Afternoon Becka, Like you, I love learning about new plants and I also love buying them (one of my weaknesses I'm afraid). I have Dianthus, Bleeding Heart and Violas in my garden....and I love the name of the Viola you bought...Sorbet Raspberry.
    It must fill your heart with love every time you look at your Maple tree, to know it was a sapling tree from your mum's garden.
    I love this time of year, when everything begins to grow....well maybe not for us this year as we are experiencing a very cold bout of weather. We have heard it should change next week! I hope so as it will be lovely to see the spring bulbs flowering.
    It is lovely to catch up with you.
    Best Wishes

  5. Your garden bed is so sweet! I love it!

    Happy weekend!
    Sarah xo