Friday, March 8, 2013

Orchard Blossoms

Plum Tree Blossoms

The trees in the orchard are beautifully blooming. 
The trees are getting bigger and bigger, and providing more and more fruit each passing year. 

I can't tell you how much we really enjoy going outside and picking the fruits we have grown. 
Truly, there is nothing better than its' sweetness right from the tree and warm from the sun.

Pink Peach Tree Blossoms

 Red Pomegranate

Asian Pear Bud

We'll be working in the Orchard tomorrow, replacing two dead Cherry trees with a Bartlett Pear and a Persimmon tree. We've tried twice to grow Cherry trees and both times the trees have not made it.
Once again, we are having spectacular weather, and will be enjoying the 70 degree sunshine for the next few days.

I'll be putting some seeds starts in the Greenhouse this weekend as well.

Happy Sunshine.

The Girasole Lady


  1. Summer my favorite season because I get to walk through the orchard with you!!!!!

    1. Awe sis- a -roo,
      can't wait to be together again.
      Love you-

  2. yum - persimmons!
    Spring is still a ways off here, so for now I'll just enjoy your blossoms - thanks for sharing them!

    1. The persimmon variety we planted is Fuyu- it's orange in appearance and has a texture like an apple. I use them for drying. They are so good, and taste like a sweet candy. Delicious.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I've never had a persimmon. Your blossoms are gorgeous! Our (Georgia) Bradford pears are just starting to blossom here and I can't wait. They are always so beautiful for a few weeks before they all fall off. We planted a patio peach two years ago that has beautiful blooms and the tag said edible fruit. But when we double-checked online it turns out it's only decorative. The blossoms are worth it though - so pretty. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

    1. I use the type, Fuyu,Persimmon we planted for dried fruit.
      It's super sweet and yummy. The orange color of the fruit looks beautiful on the Thanksgiving table, as that is the time of ear they become ripe.
      It is nice to see you again. ♥

  4. Hello Becka, WOW I wish the trees in our world looked like your beautiful ones. They warm your heart to look at them. Love the beauty of them all.

    We have lots of orchard around us and there is NO sign of buds anywhere. But hopefully in the next month or so. I long for 70F temps. Truly long for that kind of warmth and sunshine. It will not happen this week but we are getting more sunny days which always brighten up ones spirits. Hugs Judy

    1. We truly have been having the most unusual warm weather so far this year. I keep waiting for it to disappear into Winter again. Once again this week we are hoovering around 70 again.
      I'll send you some sunshine... ♥
      Thanks for chatting

  5. Good Morning Becka, The internet here in India is a tad erratic, but I have managed to get on line, so I thought I would pop by to say hello.

    The blossoms on your trees are beautiful. I have a small plum tree which I am nurturing at home and when I return I should be greeted with some blossom which will be exciting (the first year). How wonderful to have an orchard full of fruit. When living in Cyprus we had a large garden which we grew lemons, oranges, figs, tangerines, and grapes....and as you say there is nothing like picking fruit straight from a tree.
    Take care and I will be back blogging in about three weeks so I will be able to catch up with you then.
    Best Wishes

    1. How lovely to hear from you Daphne.
      I can hardly wait to hear all about your trip to India.
      I know you must be having a wonderful time.

  6. Becka, thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Definitely spring!