Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Fall Sunrise

Another Summer has passed, at least that is what the calender says today- 'AUTUMN'
The first day of Fall has equal parts of sun light, after today the day light hours will be shortened. 
It doesn't feel much like Fall around here, today it will be a warm 90 degrees, and there is still lots of gardening work to be done.
I tried to get in the Fall spirit a few days ago, and set out some felt pumpkins on my wood stove hearth. 
No inspiration what so ever, looks like I just tossed them up there with no thought at all.
Today is the annual Salmon Festival here in our small town of Oroville, which usually ends up as a reunion with friends I haven't seen since the last downtown gathering, oh the joys of small town living. 
I'm hoping that gets me in the Fall mood, although I can hardly imagine how it will feel when I'm walking around downtown and it's 90 degrees!
I'm excited too, because a friend of mine, who has the cutest shabby chic furniture shop, asked me if I would   like to display some of my aprons in her booth.  You really should check out her Etsy store HERE In fact, I made 3 FULL SIZE aprons just for her booth, and they will be for sale. I have been searching and searching for just the right full size style and I finally came up with something. It's a combination of a couple of different apron patterns I really liked. Now here is the bummer part, as of right now I can't show any pictures of them because my photographer daughter hasn't sent me the copies yet. But I promise pictures as soon as I get them. 
Yesterday I had a visit with a dear friend, gosh we have been friends for over 30 years. I love her dearly, as she in one of my guardian angels (in one of my darkest hours, through the tears, she was unexpectedly there). Not only is she just plain fun to be around, she is crazy crafty, she made some pumpkins out of books and was kind enough to show me  how she did it (Pinterest idea). It really sparked up my Fall creativity, and I am planning on doing some today. 
Tonya, although she doesn't know this yet, will be doing them with me too. I promise pictures of the whole crafting process. 
I watch the sunrise every morning, I've rarely missed one. 
It's beautiful, it's quiet, and it's the promise of another day. 

The Girasole Lady

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  1. Beautiful sunrise! It's nice waking up to welcome the sun. I enjoyed these photos and imagine how peaceful it must have been when you were clicking away.