Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

-- Henry James
The Dog Days of Summer are officially here. The sultry part of Summer between late July and early September. The legend has it that the Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at the same time as the sun.
A time marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence. This is a perfect description of myself right now.
August seems to have come and went with little regard to time.
I love Summer.

I took these pictures in Mendocino earlier this year.
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

— Mark Twain

  Mia is coming home today.
The Girasole lady

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mother Earth and Father Time

I woke up this morning rested, something I haven't felt in about 2 1/2 weeks.

Sleeping with a 2 year old, who doesn't like to sleep in the first place, can be tiring.
Mia is getting better and better every day, and is so close to coming home to be with her entire family.

This morning I watched the sunrise, while Laci slept. It is such a beautiful thing to sit in the quite and watch the sun pour its' light over the Farm. The day is fresh and ready to be filled with life.

In the movie Charlotte's Web, Charlotte sings a song to Wilbur about Mother Earth and Father Time.

What a joy to live.

The Girasole Lady

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family and Flowers

Tuesday I went to UCD to see Mia and love her up, and have a visit with my Girl Tonya.
Mia is doing excellent           Mia Update - Tuesday August 16

Tonya came home with me when I left the hospital. She had a slight case of hospitalitis and needed to come see her baby Laci. Tonya and Ryan spent a couple of days here. I cooked for them, and tried my best to spoil them up while they were here. They got to relax, take a break from hospital food, and enjoy time with Laci. The nurses at UCD are amazing. It takes a very special person to give that kind of care to infants. They truly care and nurture those babies as their own. It is so touching to see. Mia is very, very well cared for.

Today is Laci's birthday, 2 yrs old.
This morning I fixed a pancake breakfast and then Tonya and Ryan headed back to UCD to be with Mia.
Even though I miss them terribly I know they are where they need to be and I am where I need to be.
All along this journey I have to keep telling myself  "We are all where we need to be" even if it's not all together. Soon, very soon, this time will pass to nothing more than a memory. Mia will be home soon, maybe in a week or so, and another chapter in life will begin.

Here at Girasole Farm the garden is growing and we are enjoying vegetables every day.
I was planning to do a "trial" run this year with volunteers to receive the baskets, but for the meantime I have other thing to pre-occupy my time. I have been taking bags and bags of veggies to the gals at Mary Lake Thompson. Tomorrow will be another delivery day for them. 


Saturday, August 13, 2011

May Wedding for My Girl

Remember my daughter Kristina got married in May? The wedding was beautiful and perfect in every way.
Kristina & Myles

My Girls, Beth-Kristina-Tonya

This cake is beautiful

The Beautiful Bride and Flower Girl
Me and My Girl
The Girasole Lady

p.s.   This afternoon we are going to see Mia.
I am so excited to see her without the vent tubes in her little mouth.
I can hardly wait to touch her.

More Recovery

Some Great News

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Important Things

I'm thinking back on the day before Mia was born. There was peach jam to finish up. Tonya was visiting and sewing a dress for Laci. Vegetables needed to be picked. Gardens to water. Just the usual things that go on in a home, perhaps any ones home.

When the events of  Sunday July 31st came into our world, it didn't matter that there were peaches left to make into jam, or that there was fabric all over the kitchen table, or that there were weeds in the garden. Nothing mattered except each breath that Mia took into her tiny body. Funny how quickly we put our priorities in order at times of crisis.

Today I am home with Laci, as I have been for the past few days. Laci is napping now, and I should be cleaning or something else ridiculously responsible. This morning we fed the birds, watered some flowers, and played in the sprinkler. We took some pictures and chased the kitties. We had Popsicles for lunch, because that's what Grammy's do.
Watch out she'll melt you heart.

I've thought a lot about the things in life that really matter, and the things that don't.
There are times in my life when I cannot be all things to all people, and that's OK too.  

Today, I am happy that Mia is resting and getting stronger in the NICU.
Today, I am happy that there is a lightness in Tonya's voice when she talks to me about Mia.
Today, I am happy to be home with Laci and keeping her world as stable as possible.
Today, I am happy for sunshine and sprinklers on the lawn.
Today, I am happy that my family has somehow made the bonds of love that hold us together even stronger.
And for today that is enough, and I can't think of anything more important.
The Girasole Lady

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Few Updates on Mia

I have been behind on posting Baby Mia updates on my blog.
I've been spending LOTS of time sharpening up my motherhood skills.
Laci and I are getting along just fine and making the best of everyday together.
If all is well this morning Laci's mommy and daddy, Tonya & Ryan, are making a trip back home for a little visit. Maybe later today I can post some pictures and chat more. In the meantime I have breakfast to make for Laci.

A Big Day for Mia

Beautiful Mia

Surgery Day


A Good Day

The Girasole Lady

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Mother's Love

This is My Girl watching Her Girl.
If only Love could heal, there would be no doubt as to Mia's recovery.

A mother's love knows no boundaries.
I know this because when we think we have nothing left,
there is always more a mother's heart can find to give.

I want to say to My Girl how much I love her, something my words are not adequate to express. 
I want to tell her, My Girl, how proud I am of her for the strength she has, even if she does not see that herself.
I want her to know that she is my child, the way Mia is her child, and I can feel the pain in her heart.
The Girasole Lady


Just a couple more updates from Tonya and Baby Mia

Mia- Four Days Old

Some Better News

The Girasole Lady

Thursday, August 4, 2011



Mia Lyann

The Girasole Lady

Devasting Changes

Life has given us a devasting, unexpected event here at Girasole Farm.
I will be attaching posts from my daughter Tonya's blog for updates.
For now, this is consuming our lives.

Our Grandbaby Mia Lyann

The Girasole Lady