Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family and Flowers

Tuesday I went to UCD to see Mia and love her up, and have a visit with my Girl Tonya.
Mia is doing excellent           Mia Update - Tuesday August 16

Tonya came home with me when I left the hospital. She had a slight case of hospitalitis and needed to come see her baby Laci. Tonya and Ryan spent a couple of days here. I cooked for them, and tried my best to spoil them up while they were here. They got to relax, take a break from hospital food, and enjoy time with Laci. The nurses at UCD are amazing. It takes a very special person to give that kind of care to infants. They truly care and nurture those babies as their own. It is so touching to see. Mia is very, very well cared for.

Today is Laci's birthday, 2 yrs old.
This morning I fixed a pancake breakfast and then Tonya and Ryan headed back to UCD to be with Mia.
Even though I miss them terribly I know they are where they need to be and I am where I need to be.
All along this journey I have to keep telling myself  "We are all where we need to be" even if it's not all together. Soon, very soon, this time will pass to nothing more than a memory. Mia will be home soon, maybe in a week or so, and another chapter in life will begin.

Here at Girasole Farm the garden is growing and we are enjoying vegetables every day.
I was planning to do a "trial" run this year with volunteers to receive the baskets, but for the meantime I have other thing to pre-occupy my time. I have been taking bags and bags of veggies to the gals at Mary Lake Thompson. Tomorrow will be another delivery day for them. 


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  1. I see how you spent naptime. :)
    We will be together soon. Thank you for taking care of us.