Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Important Things

I'm thinking back on the day before Mia was born. There was peach jam to finish up. Tonya was visiting and sewing a dress for Laci. Vegetables needed to be picked. Gardens to water. Just the usual things that go on in a home, perhaps any ones home.

When the events of  Sunday July 31st came into our world, it didn't matter that there were peaches left to make into jam, or that there was fabric all over the kitchen table, or that there were weeds in the garden. Nothing mattered except each breath that Mia took into her tiny body. Funny how quickly we put our priorities in order at times of crisis.

Today I am home with Laci, as I have been for the past few days. Laci is napping now, and I should be cleaning or something else ridiculously responsible. This morning we fed the birds, watered some flowers, and played in the sprinkler. We took some pictures and chased the kitties. We had Popsicles for lunch, because that's what Grammy's do.
Watch out she'll melt you heart.

I've thought a lot about the things in life that really matter, and the things that don't.
There are times in my life when I cannot be all things to all people, and that's OK too.  

Today, I am happy that Mia is resting and getting stronger in the NICU.
Today, I am happy that there is a lightness in Tonya's voice when she talks to me about Mia.
Today, I am happy to be home with Laci and keeping her world as stable as possible.
Today, I am happy for sunshine and sprinklers on the lawn.
Today, I am happy that my family has somehow made the bonds of love that hold us together even stronger.
And for today that is enough, and I can't think of anything more important.
The Girasole Lady

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  1. Beautiful, and so, so, true. I am on my iPhone so it's hard to type a long comment but let me just say this is a lovely piece of heartfelt writing and shows your love for your family so well.