Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Bunch of Daffodils

Some weekends are just not as productive as I hoped they would be. I was uninspired and had a headache for the better part of Saturday, and it was very cold and rainy too. We have mud- and LOTS of it!

We went out for Kristina's birthday. This is the first time we have ever gone out for a birthday dinner. I always cook at home for everyone. We had a really good time and I enjoyed that I was able to sit and visit with all the family. No cooking, no cleaning!

And......  we picked up a Green House!! 

We hope to get started on putting it up next weekend. It is small, but a great start. I am not a good "seedling mom"- so better get busy researching and planning on what to plant. I am very excited to get started.

Today the usual chores slipped by the way side for the most part.   A long time ago we used to show horses. There was a horse show in Red Bluff this weekend, one that we used to frequent every year for a very long time. Tonya and I rode up there this afternoon. The horses and show attire remains pretty much unchanged, but all the faces were mostly strangers.

I spent a good portion of the late afternoon sitting on the front porch soaking up as much sun as possible.
The temperatures were very cool and it froze last night-29 degrees this morning! I know, nothing compared to the mid-west and back east.

These are the mountains out back... 

Pluot tree in the orchard...

I brought some flowers inside to brighten up the kitchen...

There used to be a Pepsi bottling company in town.

I am working on some new aprons and will be updating my apron page soon.

"Even if a farmer intends to loaf, he gets up in time to get an early start"
--E.W. Howe (1853-1937)

The Girasole Lady

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Country Living

"What's Country Now"

Well now, there sure is lots of hub-bub about the new cover of County Living Magazine.
Just take a look at a few other blogger thoughts out here in the country:

Old Centennial Farmhouse

Farmhouse Country Style

I'm not a natural complainer, but really, Country Living Magazine... where is your heart these day?

Back, and I mean way back, I picked up my first issue of County Living- August 1985. Ya, you guessed it... I still have it (and ALL the other ones to follow).

Now, to me, this is country

That's just my opinion.
What's yours? (it's ok, you won't hurt my feelings)
The Girasole Lady

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Faux Spring

Our week of Faux Spring appears to have come to an end. Every February, without fail,  we get a small sample of "Spring like" weather.
Mother Nature must feel how desperately we need to feel the warmth of the sun, and graciously provides a much needed break from Old Man Winter. Don't be fooled, The Old Man isn't ready to pack his bags and leave, just quite yet.

We'll be needing more of this, of that I am sure. Wood... our source of heat and comfort.

On Sunday.....

 This pile of old wood has been hanging around waiting patiently for me to turn it into something...well, something much more glorious than a pile of old wood. No- oh no- this wood is NOT for burning in the stove. I do have a much grander plan in mind, you'll just have to be patient and find out later.
I organized gardening items in the shop, along with my canning jars. Took inventory of things I have, and made a list of things I need for the coming gardening season.

Last year I planted my first Hydrangea's. I am very excited to watch them grow. Let's just hope they survive. It is terribly hot in the Summer here. Hopefully, the North side of the house will provide escape from the Summer sun.

When my second daughter was born, 30 years ago Tuesday, my mother-in-law gave me Daffodils. These bulbs have been dug up and moved more than once over the years. They always bloom on Kristina's birthday. What a sweet reminder of her presence and love in our family.

Looking for that special Valentine's gift? How about a flower bulb? I promise it will return in hundred fold. You will never be disappointed.
The Girasole Lady

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time Well Spent

Much was accomplished over the past weekend. Mother Nature indeed kept her promise of sunshine.
Trees and bushes were pruned and the brush set in the burn pile.

Some lavender set aside for drying.

The field mowed, at least the parts that were dry enough to not get the tractor stuck.
Birds setting up house-keeping in the barn.
Volunteer gourds drying from last years garden.

The Orchard kissed with the sweetest buds.

Even the birds were full of sweet songs.
A new Meyer Lemon tree to be added to the mix.

Last year I had thrown some bulbs in a bucket and set them aside. There they were to greet me peeking their lovely heads out, just begging for a proper home.
Dear bulbs, forgive me for being a terrible bulb mommy. I will provide you a home in which to bloom.
    I have an old wash tub from a washer that I have used as a planter for many years. They make great planters, holes for drainage and very sturdy. Oh and by the way don't plan on moving it, not only are they heavy in the first place, filled with dirt even makes it heavier.

What is it about barbed-wire that I love?
Finally, is there any day more complete that doesn't involve a walk in the back cow pasture?
I think not....
 The Girasole Lady

Friday, February 4, 2011


Daffodils are starting to peek out after their long winters rest. Mother Earth never lets us down, one must just take a look around. There is always promise of new beginnings and hope.

I am looking forward to a weekend of sunshine!

I am looking forward to the predicted 70 degree temperature!

There will be lots of  pruning trees and bushes here at Girasole Farm this weekend.

And lots of hugs and kisses ♥
The Girasole Lady

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Frumpy Cow

Ever feel frumpy like a cow?

Me too.
And quite frankly, it's not all that bad now, is it?
Who ever said cows were frumpy in the first place?
Is not beauty in the eye of the beholder?
If it be said, "that person is just a cow" smile and feel good.
The Girasole Lady