Sunday, February 13, 2011

Faux Spring

Our week of Faux Spring appears to have come to an end. Every February, without fail,  we get a small sample of "Spring like" weather.
Mother Nature must feel how desperately we need to feel the warmth of the sun, and graciously provides a much needed break from Old Man Winter. Don't be fooled, The Old Man isn't ready to pack his bags and leave, just quite yet.

We'll be needing more of this, of that I am sure. Wood... our source of heat and comfort.

On Sunday.....

 This pile of old wood has been hanging around waiting patiently for me to turn it into something...well, something much more glorious than a pile of old wood. No- oh no- this wood is NOT for burning in the stove. I do have a much grander plan in mind, you'll just have to be patient and find out later.
I organized gardening items in the shop, along with my canning jars. Took inventory of things I have, and made a list of things I need for the coming gardening season.

Last year I planted my first Hydrangea's. I am very excited to watch them grow. Let's just hope they survive. It is terribly hot in the Summer here. Hopefully, the North side of the house will provide escape from the Summer sun.

When my second daughter was born, 30 years ago Tuesday, my mother-in-law gave me Daffodils. These bulbs have been dug up and moved more than once over the years. They always bloom on Kristina's birthday. What a sweet reminder of her presence and love in our family.

Looking for that special Valentine's gift? How about a flower bulb? I promise it will return in hundred fold. You will never be disappointed.
The Girasole Lady

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