Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time Well Spent

Much was accomplished over the past weekend. Mother Nature indeed kept her promise of sunshine.
Trees and bushes were pruned and the brush set in the burn pile.

Some lavender set aside for drying.

The field mowed, at least the parts that were dry enough to not get the tractor stuck.
Birds setting up house-keeping in the barn.
Volunteer gourds drying from last years garden.

The Orchard kissed with the sweetest buds.

Even the birds were full of sweet songs.
A new Meyer Lemon tree to be added to the mix.

Last year I had thrown some bulbs in a bucket and set them aside. There they were to greet me peeking their lovely heads out, just begging for a proper home.
Dear bulbs, forgive me for being a terrible bulb mommy. I will provide you a home in which to bloom.
    I have an old wash tub from a washer that I have used as a planter for many years. They make great planters, holes for drainage and very sturdy. Oh and by the way don't plan on moving it, not only are they heavy in the first place, filled with dirt even makes it heavier.

What is it about barbed-wire that I love?
Finally, is there any day more complete that doesn't involve a walk in the back cow pasture?
I think not....
 The Girasole Lady

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