Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Downtown Aprons

The past few days I have been busy sewing Aprons.
These Aprons were sewn and sent to a dear friend in Georgia:

The veggie print fabric in this Apron is designed by Mary Lake Thompson.
It is called "Kiss The Cook".

I can never guarantee exact alike Aprons, because I do not buy my fabric in bulk. There are limits on what I have available, therefore each Apron has its' own unique look.

I am very excited to have some of my Aprons displayed and for sale at a local home town store.......
Mary Lake Thompson
1870 Montgomery Street
Oroville CA 95965

These are some of the Aprons that will be in Mary's store:

 The above Apron, except for the ruffle, is made from fabric designed by Mary.
I love the kitchen utensils.
This entire Apron is made with fabric designed by Mary.
The veggie print and adorable canned farm goods.
Mary sells this fabric in her store as well.

These Aprons are also in her store:
 Coffee & Tea
 Tea Pots & Farm
The cost for each Apron $26.95

I really love our small downtown. I try to shop and support the local business.

 I am certainly happy to see Mary carrying some nice quality fabrics. Mary's fabric designs are manufactured by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Please have yourself a visit to her store. Mary has wonderful, charming items for you and your home. I promise you won't be disappointed :)

Once we had a wonderful fabric store downtown in an old house on Montgomery Street, "Something To Crow About". Does anyone local remember the store? It was so very nice, and I was a frequent shopper.
If I could afford it I would open a fabric store downtown.
Maybe for another time....

If you are interested in purchasing an Apron you may contact me

The Girasole Lady

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