Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Barn Chores

 Sunday afternoons the horse barn gets a deep cleaning for the week. Makes for lighter cleaning chores during the week. No matter the day, or how crummy the weather,  there are barn chores EVERY night and EVERY morning. Yes-it's true-be it 5am or 10 pm, light or dark, rain, wind, freezing cold or blazing hot. EVERY day, as in each 365 per calender year.

The horses are spoiled! When they get fresh new shavings they roll in them like pigs in mud. I wanted to capture them frolicking in their pine shavings this afternoon, but seems they are a little camera shy.

Proof with shavings on Wyatt's back....

Apparently Wiley is more interested in the camera.

Hay has been stocked in the barn.

I love a barn full of alfalfa.
Then we eat...

Wiley likes to bury his head in his food. He is a neat stall-keeper.

Wyatt is a messy stall-keeper. He prefers to throw his dinner all over the floor.

For the most part, horses have their own agenda-EVERY day.  Good night.
The Girasole Lady

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