Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finished Projects

Saturday brought FOG.
Sunday brought RAIN.
Being stuck inside for yet another weekend, I decided to finish some long over due indoor projects.
Every now and then I have projects that get started and take very long periods of time (if ever) to reach completion. 
 I bought these frames at a sidewalk sale last year at Mary Lake Thompson   
Soon afterwards I bought masonite boards and painted them with chalkboard paint. The painted boards sat in my craft room next to the frames for months. Today I put them together and finished them. Yay! Done.
 Two, possibly three years ago, Beth brought me these prints from New York. Beautiful pictures of Central Park, taken at the same location in the park, one in Winter and the other in Fall. They too, have been in my craft room all this time collecting dust. Finally, I went to Aaron Brothers and bought frames. Yay-framed and hung. Done!

I had been wanting a new quilt for my bed. I would much rather have made a quilt myself, for the mean time this will do. I love this bed. It belonged to my Grand Parents when they were "newlyweds" (early 1900's). It is double bed size and can sometimes be a challenge, but mostly just "cozy".
This table belonged to my Grammy. I cannot tell you how many times we shared  loving conversations, tea and a snack at this table. I love it even more because she wanted me to have it in my home. I often sit with my tea and think of all the good times we shared sitting at this table together.
The Girasole Lady
p.s. It appears I am not very good at taking indoor pictures.


  1. Your pictures are fine. I can't wait to see it all, miss you guys. :)

  2. Indoor pictures are tough, but the important thing is you took them. I love how the chalkboards look.