Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Morning

Good Morning

Another successful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, good food, and good times. 
I'm in low gear this morning.
Caveman has already headed up to the mountains, with his brothers, to cut firewood. 
Us girls...we have a shopping trip planned later today.  
We'll be heading downtown a little later on, nothing big, just fun local shopping.
We are not ones who brave the early bird crowd and shop. 
The sun is brilliant this morning, and even though the temperatures will be cool, it will be a lovely Fall day for strolling the street(s) in town. 
We'll feast on left overs this afternoon, and enjoy this precious time together. 

The Girasole Lady 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

This week has been a busy one for sure. 
I love the time leading up to Thanksgiving. 
I've spent the past few days putting some TLC into my home,
cleaning, rearranging, and adding some final Holiday touches here and there.

My sister and little boys are staying here visiting for the entire week. 
We've been scheming crafting and decorating ideas together.
Today we all went to Kristina's to set up Harper's Nursery.
Tomorrow there will be pie baking.

♥ Happy Thanksgiving ♥
The Girasole Lady

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tagged- 11 Things

tagged me from her blog. 
I'm flattered!
This is the first time I have been tagged so I will do my best to keep the fun going. 

The rules are:

Every person tagged will tell ELEVEN things about themselves.

The person who tagged you,  in my case Daphne,  will ask you ELEVEN questions, for you to answer. 

Then you tag ELEVEN blog friends and ask them ELEVEN questions. 
(the blog friends you choose to tag should have less than 200 followers)

Mention the blog that tagged you, but do not tag back. 

Have a seat, let's get the fun started


1. I'm a serious Procrastinator.  

2. I have gray in my hair, and I do not try to hide it. 

3. I have been married twice, both times to my same husband. 

4. I hardly ever miss a sunrise.

5. I'm deathly afraid of heights. 

6. I love old music, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra...

7. I'm scared to drive in the city, I'll take back roads anywhere. 

8. I love the sound of the fire in the wood stove. 

9. I drink tea every day. 

10. I despise confrontation.

11. I feel awkward at social gatherings. 

Daphne asked me these ELEVEN questions

1. Who is your favourite author?

Mauve Benchy
(hard to choose just one)

2. What is your favourite food?


3. Are you an indoor girl or outdoor girl?

No doubt about it- OUTDOOR

4. Which would you prefer, sunshine or snow? 


5. What do you dislike?

A negative attitude

6. What is your favourite colour?


7. Do you enjoy comedy or drama?


8. If you could choose anyone, past or present to dine with, who would you choose?

Princess Diana

9. If you had to live on a desert island for a year, what would you take?

Books and a quilt

10. What is the name of your pet?

(a mini Aussie)

11. What was the name of your first teacher?

umm...  I have no idea

I am going to tag these blog friends

Musings of a Sea Witch

I must apologize, but I simply cannot think of eleven blogs friends to tag. 
Since this post has been sitting as a draft for over a week, I need to finish regardless. 
Please forgive me...I don't mean to spoil the fun. 

Here are the questions I am asking
1. If you had to choose another place to live, where would it be?
1. Are you a city girl or a farm girl?
2. How many animals do you have?
3. What is your decorating style?
4. What is your favorite season?
5. Do you love poetry, if so who is your favorite poet?
6.  If you had to choose between having the internet or TV, which would you choose?
7. Early riser or night owl?
8. Would you rather have a cabin in the woods or a cottage at the beach?
9. Do you have a garden?
10. Do you cook from scratch most of the time?
11. Would you choose pie or cake?

Have fun

The Girasole Lady