Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vintage Egg Basket

Roses & Rust Vintage Market was lots of fun. Beth and I had a wonderful time, browsing and dreaming, through all the beautiful booths.

I managed to picked up a few items to bring home. 

I love old milk jars, it must have began in my early childhood I suppose, living on a Dairy Farm in Valley Ford, CA. Most of my milk bottles are used as vases for garden flowers.
I also spotted a ceramic bowl, and a small blue enamel ware pitcher.
Oddly enough, I really do use all my old things, like bowls and pitchers.
From time to time, I use my milk jars for serving milk at the table. 
They're not just for looks. Of what use is an item, if not to be used and enjoyed?
I would rather use it, and take the small risk of damaging it, rather than leave it upon the shelves collecting dust.
I haven't decided where to set them in my home, yet. Usually, I  look at them for a while, and try them out here or there before they find a good resting spot.
The dish towel on my table is one my Dad embroidered when he was a young boy, living in Point Reyes Station, CA.  The fabric is from an old feed sack. My Dad's family owned a dairy farm, and farmed for many years out on the Pacific Coast. I'm guessing he stitched this in the 1940's sometime. My Dad was born at the Ranch in Point Reyes Station in 1935. Later, when I was a child, he farmed in Valley Ford, CA.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 1992, at the age of 56. He suffered a heart attack, which claimed his life.  

Inspiration was ten fold at the Vintage Market. 
I saw several vendors with vintage egg baskets, which then reminded me that I had three of them at home myself!  I retrieved them years ago out at the ranch where my husband grew up, just right down the road from where we live now. 

I dug the egg baskets out of the barn this morning and decided to plant some Alyssum and Johnnie Jump 
Ups in one of them.
(Do you see that planter to the left... it's the inside tub of washing machine.)
I lined the bottom with some newspaper, and laid some Alyssum around through the holes of the egg basket.
Filled in with some dirt. 
Layered some more, repeating the same process, mixing up the varieties of Alyssum and Johnnie Jump Ups. 
(Which I have been informed are called Pansies) All my life I've called them Johnnie Jump Ups.

I put a strip of brown paper bag around the top edge to hold in the soil, and also help to retain moisture. 
I use old newspaper and brown bags a lot in my gardening projects, it makes a great weed barrier and moisture holder. 
When I took this picture I thought to myself, "why is it these projects always look just sorta yucky to me when they are first finished?". I know, in time, it will fill in, and spring up, and cover up the yukiness, and then I'll be sure to take a picture again when it looks much better. 
Really, it's quite ugly.
So until next time, I hope everyone is enjoying their piece of garden.
Where ever that may be. 
The Girasole Lady


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  2. It is most definitely NOT ugly! It looks very good and it's going to look amazing in a few weeks. Love you mom. :)