Sunday, February 5, 2012


Most of the time my life is just ordinary.
Most everyday starts out the same. I am up between 5-6. I fix some tea or coffee, check my email and my Google Reader. I let Maverick out of his crate, and Dolly Kitty outside. I shower, brush my teeth, lotion my face (I only wear make-up when I have to go into town), half hearted dry my hair, and then I am ready for the day. Maverick and I head out to the barn to feed the horses. After feeding and watering the horses, depending on the weather, I like to walk around outside and look around. One thing for sure, I never tire of living in the country. Then I venture in and tidy the house real quick, and decide what to get done for the day. It's always, projecting, gardening, sewing, run to town (that only happens about once a week).  About three o'clock I have some hot tea, take a break, then start working on dinner. I like to have dinner ready around 4:30ish.

Recently I linked up, for the first time ever, at You Capture.  It's a weekly photo challenge. I am NOT a photographer by any means, but I enjoy taking pictures and learning new things. One thing I never realized was that someone else may actually look at my photo I had taken, like this lovely gal who mentioned my photo in a recent post on her blog. I also visited her blog to find out more about her. I looked around her blog, read the "about me" info she wrote to describe herself and her life. I too, at times, find myself blog hopping around until I find myself in places I would have never imagined, kinda like getting lost on a trip across country. Well I'm  guessing it may be like that,  except I really have never traveled across country in the first place.

I'm fascinated with people who live is different parts of America and the rest of the world, with lifestyles that are so different than mine, and at the same time realizing that maybe my lifestyle isn't so different from anyone else's.

This is my dog Maverick

Maverick is a Mini Aussie. He will be a year old in March.
He is my faithful companion...
and laci's...

These two carry on like siblings!
and Mia's too...

I couldn't ask for a better companion dog.

The Girasole Lady

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