Sunday, December 19, 2010

Parsley & Sunday

Today is Sunday. Bliss day number 4.
Friday (day 2) was spent with my precious Grand daughter, and a visit with her Mama too. Not much activity, just a lazy rainy day.

Saturday morning found me shopping, again, with my youngest, Beth. We spent the morning together creating some wonderful holiday memories. Do I dare tell... we ate at In & Out Burger at 9:45AM!! That's right breakfast burgers. Never in my entire life have I eaten a burger for breakfast, let alone at a fast-food eatery. What can I say-I felt daring! We laughed, and happily ate our breakfast together. 
The afternoon was spent at home with ALL my girls. Chatting, eating and warm drinks enjoyed together. Saturday's are the official "family" day together. It is the time all the little chicks come home to roost under Mama's wings. I have been know to cry when we miss a Saturday together.   

Sunday is not even half over yet. The early morning was spent cleaning the barn. I feel horse happiness when the barn is clean with fresh pine shavings, and I know the horses are dry and snugly warm. Our horses really like to sleep lying down.

There is more rain and wind today, but I am OK with that. For the first time in a long time I am not fighting with the weather, just letting it be. I would imagine because my schedule for the next week is mine, and that feels great. It brings overwhelming contentment to my spirit.

It appears that Parsley is not in the least bit affected by freezing cold, rain or wind. Thank you Parsley for setting such a fine example.
The Girasole Lady


  1. Yes, parsley does set a great example. I think my has quadrupled in size since the bad weather started.

  2. I love the parsley. It is like a promise of spring and greener days. Kind of like violas. :)