Friday, December 17, 2010

11 Days of Bliss

For 11 days I am on vacation from my "office" job. Yesterday was my first day of  the vacation bliss. While others may find their bliss in some far away place, my perfect vacation is being right here at home.

Yesterday started with a fire in the wood stove and a good cup of tea.
It was very  frosty outside.

Mother Earth blessed us with lots of sunshine.
There was horse keeping chores to be done.

A little exercise.....

Barn cleaning...with the most special little helper.

Even the Horse Shoer came and gave the horses a trim, I will say they were more than long overdue for a trimming.
The day wrapped up with a hearty spaghetti dinner, and some evening Christmas shopping. Yes-this is the first attempt of the season to begin the holiday shopping!
The day ended just like it began, in front of the warmth of the wood stove.
As for today...well, we shall see what is to come.

The Girasole Lady

With pomp, power & glory the world beckons vainly,
 in chase of such vanities why should I roam?
While peace and content bless my little thatched cottage,
and warm my own heart with the treasures of home.
-Beatrix Potter-

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