Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Little Vacation

At the end of July I took a little get away vacation. Tonya, the babies, and myself went to the Bay Area for a visit to see my sister, Jen, and family. It's been many, many years since I have left the Farm for anything other than a wedding, babies, graduations or funerals. It was wonderful to just get away, and Caveman held the fort down in my absence.

Getting away from the Farm is a major ordeal, especially in the Summer. It's always hard to leave, living in the country and having horses and gardens is a daily responsibility, but also one I wouldn't trade for the world.

As always we shared LOT's of chatting, story telling, crafting and cooking.

One of the days we took a trip to Happy Hollow Park And Zoo in San Jose.
The park is geared for small kids, perfect for Laci, Mia, Justin, Ryan and Charlie. Jen's friend Katie went with us and her adorable son Charlie.
There were animals, and kiddie rides and a petting zoo.

I love watching my gran-babies taking in the world, it's just amazing. Brings back so many memories of watching my girls growing up.

My girl Tonya with her girls, Laci and Mia
My favorite outing was our trip to Santa Cruz.
My sis and baby Justin
We went Saturday evening about 5ish. Jen lives only about 40 minutes from this wonderful ocean. That's the beauty about where she lives, she can be at the ocean or San Francisco in less than an hour.
Mia and me

The weather was amazing! Sunny and warm, we didn't even need so much as a sweatshirt when we arrived. We played in the ocean waves like children. When it started to cool off we headed over to the wharf to watch the Sea Lions and have a bread bowl of scrumptious clam chowder. We had a fantastic time, enjoying each others company, we had nowhere to go and all evening to get there. After a visit to Marini's Candies  for a piece of the Famous Fudge, we headed back over the mountain towards my Sis.

I enjoyed relaxing and being away from the daily responsibilities of the Farm. I don't think I'll wait so long between get a ways.

You know how it feels to have your perspective freshened? Just good- that's all.

The Girasole Lady

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  1. Well you guys had a lot more fun than I did that week that's for sure. :) Glad you all got to get out of dodge for a little bit. Maybe next time we can all go...maybe.