Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden Planting Time

The wind blew over my Delphiniums last week, so I cut them off at the broken spot and brought them in the house. 

As much as I like to garden,  my thumb turns brown once I'm inside, I'm terrible at keeping house plants alive. Last year, Kristina gave me an Orchid for Mother's Day. I set the Orchid on the window sill, and provided watered from time to time. I was simply anticipating another indoor plant demise. 
Well... I'm not sure how this bloomed again this year! 

I'm clueless when it comes to Orchids, really. This beautiful bloom, at first, had inspired me to take better care of the Orchid. Then my common sense took over and decided it better to just keep on neglecting the poor plant, if for nothing else, fear of certain fatality. 
Red Rose from the roses down by the road. 

Texas Amaryllis blooming in the garden. 

Two miniature Lavender plants planted in old buckets. 

We're getting ready to plant the vegetable garden in the next week. Once again, I am using Renee's Garden Seeds. I've had great success with her seeds, and have been using them for a few years now. 
This year I bought all the seeds from Orchard Supply, instead of ordering online. 
I just happened to be in OSH and picked them up while I was there. 

Here's the SUMMER MENU:
Tomatoes, of course. 
Early Bicolor  CORN
Dark Green Raven ZUCCHINI
Persian Baby Green Finger CUCUMBERS 
Crimson Crunch RADISHES
French Baby CARROTS

We'll also be adding some new things to the garden this year: 
Tricolor Circus CARROTS
French Baby LEEKS 
Baby Pixie CABBAGE 
mixture of Indian Corn- Rattlesnake Beans- and Sugar Pie Pumpkins. 

Soon I'll be spending the cool morning hours outside tending to the garden. 

This Summer I will plan on doing the trial run of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I was planning to do it last year, but quickly abandoned the idea when Mia was born and life turned into tragedy for a while. 
Look at her now...She's healthy, happy and beautiful. 
and so is Laci... I love my grandbabies so very, very much, in case you couldn't tell. 
I'm so excited to share the Garden with Laci and Mia this Summer. On this day we (Grammy, Mommy, and Auntie Kristina) happened to be sitting on a blanket under the Maple Tree. Yes- Laci has dirt on her face, it's just happens, along with messy wild hair, when you're a Country Girl.....
The Girasole Lady


  1. Beautiful grandkids. I'm not sure what Mia went through but I'm glad she's healthy and strong now. I have the same dilemma with indoor plants but I blame it on the lack of feng xhui in the house!

    1. Hi Bernadine. Good to know that I am not the only one with a brown thumb for the indoors. Mia was born with a Congenital Diphragmatic Hernia (CDH). If you click on the green sentence that starts with "Mia was born..." it will take you to my daughter, Tonya, blog where the story begins. I had no knowledge of CDH until Mia was born. Mia is one of the rare cases to have had a successful and complete recovery. Today, looking at her, one would never know how her life started out. I hope you have a chance to visit her blog. Sharing CDH awareness is important to our family. Thank you so much for visiting Girasole Farm, and I love hearing from you.