Monday, January 23, 2012

Attic Toys & Grandbabies

As my girls grew up and no longer played with toys I packed up the favorites in boxes and put them up in the attic. I thought of a time, way off in the future, when I would retrieve them down from the attic for my future grandchildren to play with. When I found out that I was going to be a "Grammy" I was so excited to finally, after many years, get them out of the attic.

Real Little People from 1980's. Some are wooden and some are plastic.
There they go, off to school...
They even have a SWIMMING POOL...
Of course all the Little People live on a FARM!!
The best of all.. these Little People really do fit on your fingers...

TA-DA!!!!!!  True "FINGER" Little People.
Laci loves playing with the Little People.

What girls childhood in the 80's wouldn't be complete without Strawberry Shortcake...
and her friends.....

I have the Berry Kitchen too, but apparently forgot to take its' picture.

There is a whole tote filled with almost all the Strawberry dolls from the 80's collection.
Each doll was  put away in a ziploc bag with her outfit on, shoes in tact, and her animal, before being sent to the attic years ago.

There are more items in the attic, but need to wait until the babies are a little older.
I wish I would have kept more of the toys from the past, but o-well such is life.

No post about the grand babies would be complete without Mia's beautiful smile.
(5 -1/2 months)
mmmmm... I DO believe in miracles too.
The Girasole Lady

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