Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

My garden grows with lots of work, watering, weeding and soil mulching. This type of work happens every day. Tuesday it rained, yes rained in late June! I can't recall a time it ever rained as much at this time of year. It only lasted one day with cool temperatures, and now we are on our way to a VERY HOT heat wave for the 4th of July. We will be reaching temperatures of 105+ by the weekend. If I could only think of some way to store the cooler weather as a back up for the heat. The majority of our 4th will be spent working the garden in the very, very, early morning hours. The rest of the days will be spent with family and friends.

The family rule in our home is get your chores done first, then you can play.

The little orchard we planted a couple of years ago gave us several pluots and nectarines already. We have apples on both the apple trees and pears on the pear tree too. We were so excited to have just a taste of fruit that grew here at our farm. My Grand Baby, Laci, was especially excited to pick and eat the fruit. She calls everything growing a 'Ap", even the tomatoes. Now just to convince her not to pick before everything is ready.

Well friends, it is warming up outside and I best be getting to my chores now.
This is what the garden looks like this morning...

She who loves a garden learns the lessons of the seasons...
and how life itself adheres to nature's plan...

that from every winter sleep there comes a wonderful awakening...

holding promise as it has since time began.

She who loves a garden knows that the tender care she puts into the soil...

helps the children of tomorrow carry on what she has started.

She who loves a garden loves the peace on which no man can put a price.     ***Mary Engelbreit***

The Girasole Lady

Monday, June 13, 2011

At Last A Garden

Last Thursday and Friday we got the garden planted. After a couple weeks of unsettled weather, the sun finally came out to stay.
I used  lots of  Renee's Garden Seeds  in our garden this year.

Tri Color Carrots

Baby Carrots

Bi Color Corn

White Corn

Yellow Corn

Japanese Cucumber

Lemon Cucumber

Persian Baby Cucumber

English Cucumber

Green Zucchini

Crookneck Squash

We finished up with several varieties of tomatoes and peppers as well. Because of the unseasonable weather, we will have a later than usual harvest.  I can assure you it will be worth the wait. YUM-I can almost taste Summer right this minute.
The Girasole Lady

Friday, June 3, 2011

A New Agenda

AGENDA...     a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon, etc.:
Have a cup of tea.

Watch the birds.  
Read a book on the porch swing.
Take a nap.
Have a picnic on the grass.
 Sit in the garden.
Play with Maverick.

 Pick some flowers.
Repeat again tomorrow...
Remember the choices were all made by me.
The Girasole Lady